Paris Hilton Sex Tape


Paris Hilton Sex Tape

"Watch Paris Get Her Freak On With Rick In The Next 5 Minutes"


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" At one point Paris is gagging on Ricks huge manhood. This is the best 40 minutes of porn I have ever gotten a hold of...You only live once and I am ecstatic to have the Paris Hilton Sex Tape in my dirty little video library...It's the best...Thank you!
A Paris Porn Fan

"Now I see what all the commotion is about. This disc is XXX, hardcore sex. And she loves it! She's filming her own t*ts and pouting for the camera, she's b*owing this dude like a pro - she's got a great career ahead of her - IN PORN!"
-- DB from Cleveland, Ohio

"This is a fun tape to watch. Instead of fake orgasms and bad acting we get to see two people having fun with each other in a very natural way. We get to see Paris from all angles, and she sure knows how to give a guy oral pleasure."
-- Mikey


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"I can hardly believe that Paris Hilton actually made this video. I mean you see her on TV and stuff all innocent, you'd never think she could work a c*ck like she does in 1 Night in Paris! If this chick ever decides to do porn as her "real job", she'd be the shoe in for heir-apparent to Jenna Jameson as the queen of porn. This video is nothing like that stupid black and white fuzzy crap I saw before, though that's on here too...this is much more like a feature video's footage...AMAZING!" --
-- A happy viewer from Framingham, MA




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